27 aprile

Volo 319

La nazionale dello Zambia è in volo verso Dakar: là è in programma la seconda gara del girone di qualificazione ai mondiali americani del 1994, contro il Senegal . L'aereo si inabissa nell'Oceano Atlantico, al largo della costa del Gabon. Periscono tutti i giocatori, e il carismatico allenatore, Godfrey Chitalu.

Fu l'incendio di un motore. E un errore del pilota.

"You stand on this desolate and memorable sacred ground, no more than a few hundred yards from Independence Stadium, the biggest stadium in the country ... There is no rain now. Nothing close. The guard says that for three months there was little security, and children would come here and play among the graves. They would take the flowers, climb on the mounds, deface the pictures. They would play soccer right here, play soccer in their bare feet, children as young as four and five years old, playing with a ball made from newspapers crammed tightly inside a paper or plastic bag, the way all children learn how to play soccer in Zambia" (Leigh Montville).
Il disastro | Leigh Montville, "Sports Illustrated", 18 ottobre 1993